Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. Announces $20 Million Grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. (CDHC) recently announced a $20 million grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development through the Federally Qualified Health Centers Grant program.

The grant funds will allow the health center to expand healthcare services within North Omaha and further support the community’s economic efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Funding will target primary health care services for the population, including those experiencing homelessness and residents of public housing.  Additionally, the grant award will go toward renovation and expansion of existing facilities to meet the current and future needs of a growing healthcare workforce.

“We are extremely honored to receive this grant on behalf of the community,” said Chris Rodgers, Board of Directors Chairperson of Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. “We have provided exceptional healthcare to everyone in the community for forty years, regardless of economic or income status. This award will further advance our mission, and contribute to the legacy of ensuring everyone in North Omaha and beyond receives the care they deserve to live a healthy, vibrant life.”

CDHC will also use this award to expand employment opportunities in primary medical care, behavioral health (including substance use disorder), dental care, pharmacy services, and enabling support such as language access, health insurance enrollment, and community resources.

“Creating good, well-paying jobs strengthens our community,” said Kenny McMorris, Chief Executive Officer of Charles Drew Health Center, Inc.  “With this award, we can continue to provide an environment with culturally competent health care professionals who are meeting the needs of an historically underserved community.  Expanding workforce opportunities and facility enhancements are directly related to increasing access to care and improving quality of care for our patients.”

CDHC received this grant as part of The Federally Qualified Health Centers Grant Program, created by the Nebraska Legislature through the Economic Recovery Act (LB 531) and signed into law by Governor Jim Pillen on June 6, 2023.  The award has a performance period through December 31, 2027.