Access to Care

Access to Care

Helping you secure the care you need

At Charles Drew Health Center, we believe you should be able to find the care you need, no matter your income level or insurance status. That’s why our certified application counselors personally assist you, helping you locate the right insurance and financial assistance options for you. Below are some of the most common questions you may have about eligibility and enrollment in the financial assistance programs we offer.

What if I can’t pay for my care at Charles Drew Health Center?

We have several programs available to patients, including a sliding fee discount program. The bottom line is – we will ensure you get the care you need, regardless of your ability to pay.

Can someone help me apply for financial assistance?

Yes! Our application counselors will work with you to determine which programs you’re eligible for, and help you apply. You can make an appointment to speak to an application counselor by phone at: 402.451.3553

Can Charles Drew Health Center provide me with an estimated cost for my treatment?

Yes. As of January 1, 2022, healthcare providers like Charles Drew Health Center are required to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) for expected out-of-pocket costs for services, if you schedule your services at least three business days in advance, and request information about charges. To receive an estimate, please contact us at 402.502.6858.

What information do I need to apply for financial assistance programs at Charles Drew Health Center?

To apply for financial assistance, you’ll need the following:

  • Income information for everyone in your family
  • Driver’s License or State ID card
  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs from the last 30 days

Key services covered by health insurance include:

  • Hospital services
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Behavioral health services
  • Pregnancy-related services
  • Prescription drugs
What financial assistance programs are available?

Here are some of the programs you may be eligible for:

Health Insurance Marketplace

  • Health Insurance Marketplace connects Nebraskans to affordable, quality health insurance plans and provides financial assistance to those who are eligible.
  • It also offers a variety of insurance plan types to meet your health needs and your budget. You may qualify for premium tax credits, which can help lower your monthly premiums.

Heritage Health Adult

  • Nebraska expanded Medicaid benefits in fall 2020 to low-income, able-bodied adults of working age (19-64 years old). You must meet income requirements to apply. Most eligible Nebraskans will start with the Basic benefits package which includes doctor services, emergencies, hospitalization, maternity, and newborn, well visits, and more.
  • Eligible Nebraskans who are 19 or 20 years old, pregnant, or medically frail will receive the Prime benefits package, which is the Basic benefits plus:
    • Dental services
    • Vision services
    • Over-the-counter medication


  • Nebraska Medicaid provides health services to certain low-income persons, including those who are: aged, blind, disabled, children aged 18 and younger, pregnant women, and others who meet eligibility requirements.
  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) extends Medicaid health services to children ages 18 and younger with no insurance.
  • Medicaid or CHIP might be for you if you meet the income requirements and are in one of the following eligible groups:
    • You are under 19 years old
    • You are pregnant
    • You are aged 65 or over
    • You are under 65 years of age, have a disability, or are visually impaired, according to Social Security
    • You are the parent or caretaker relative of a child under 19 years old
    • You are a citizen or lawfully present in the United States
    • You are a former foster care youth who has aged out of the system (under the age of 26)
  • Apply for benefits anytime of the year. Plan selection, through Heritage Health, is done during Open Enrollment in the fall.
  • Note: Some women, regardless of their citizenship status, may receive prenatal care for their unborn children through 599 CHIP.

Energy Assistance

Sliding Fee Discount Program

  • To see if you qualify for the Sliding Fee Discount Program, please fill out a Financial Assistance Application, and report your household size and gross annual income.
  • Your family size includes:
    • Patient applying
    • Spouse/Partner
    • Any children being supported in your household
    • Anyone who is included on patient’s federal income tax return
  • Bring in one of the following to report gross annual income:
    • Pay stubs (from the past 60 days)
    • Form W-2
    • Unemployment statement
    • Disability/Social Security papers
    • Letter from employer
    • Proof of No Income Worksheet
  • All fees are due at the time of your visit. If you are not able to pay your fee at the time of your medical visit, you will need to speak with a Patient Financial Services Advocate to make arrangements for payment. If you are unable to pay your fee at the time of your dental visit, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for a later date.
     Family Size Annual Income Ranges
     1 $0-$15,060 $15,061-$18,825 $18,826-$22,590 $22,591-$26,355 $26,356-$30,120 Over $30,121
     2 $0-$20,440  $20,441-$25,550 $25,551-$30,660 $30,661-$35,770 $35,771-$40,880 Over $40,881
     3 $0-$25,820 $25,821-$32,275 $32,276-$38,730 $38,731-$45,185 $45,186-$51,640 Over $51,641
     4 $0-$31,200  $31,201-$39,000 $39,001-$46,800 $46,801-$54,600 $54,601-$62,400 Over $62,401
     5 $0-$36,580 $36,581-$45,725 $45,726-$54,870 $54,871-$64,015 $64,016-$73,160 Over $73,161
     6 $0-$41,960 $41,961-$52,450 $52,451-$62,940 $62,941-$73,430 $73,431-$83,920 Over $83,921
    7 $0-$47,340 $47,341-$59,175 $59,176-$71,010 $71,011-$82,845 $82,846-$94,680 Over $94,681
    8 $0-$52,720 $52,721-$65,900 $65,901-$79,080 $79,081-$92,260 $92,261-$105,440 Over $105,441



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