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Maternal Child Health


Baby Beginnings

Baby Beginnings is a comprehensive prenatal/pediatric care program created to improve maternal and child health outcomes for Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. patients.  The Baby Beginnings team includes a family practice/OB doctor, a nurse, and a pediatrician.

The Maternal and Child Health program seeks to:

  1. Assure access to quality care, especially for those with low-incomes or limited availability of care
  2. Reduce infant mortality
  3. Provide and ensure access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care to women (especially low-income and at risk pregnant women)
  4. Increase the number of children receiving health assessments and follow-up diagnostic and treatment services
  5. Provide and ensure access to preventive and child care services as well as rehabilitative services for certain children
  6. Implement family-centered, community-based, systems of coordinated care for children with special healthcare needs
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