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Defying the Odds

Juventino radiates a spirit of grit and determination. Rooted in a strong faith and with his family in hand, Juventino conquered a near death experience due to West Nile.

Born and raised in a small town outside Guanajuato, Mexico, Juventino dedicated his life to working beside his father in the field. Together, they would follow the oxen hand planting and pruning each row of crops until harvest three times a year. Years later he met his wife and began a family. By 1997, Juventino and his wife arrived in the States to seek a better life. “In Guanajuato, it was everything – beautiful and ugly – but you are very poor.”

Early August this year, Juventino began sweating profusely and showing signs of an illness. His family recommended he visit the emergency room and was quickly transferred to a local hospital for pneumonia. After a few days of symptoms worsening, the providers preformed a spinal tap resulting in the West Nile Virus. Soon after, Juventino lost consciousness.

For a month, Juventino laid in the hospital attached to feeding and tracheostomy tubes while his family remained by his side. “It came as such a surprise and so unexpected that I didn’t know how to react,” said Juventino’s wife. “I would sleep there, and our children were there. I continuously prayed to God. Some of the nights I went through, you can’t even imagine. Some, I don’t want to remember.”

After eight months recovery, when the time came for Juventino to continue care at a primary health care provider he and his family remain committed to Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. “We are very grateful and appreciative of Charles Drew. The doctors, nurses, interpreters and staff take care of us so well.”