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  • Community gardens increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship.
  • Take advantage of the experience of elders to produce a significant amount of food for the household.
  • Community gardens allow people from diverse backgrounds to work side-by-side on common goals without speaking the same language.
  • Community gardens offer unique opportunities to teach youth about where food comes from, the importance of community and stewardship and issues of environmental sustainability.
  • Community gardens provide access to nutritionally rich foods that may otherwise be unavailable to low-income families and individuals.
  • Studies have shown that community gardeners and their children eat healthier diets than do non-gardening families.
  • Community gardens provide much needed green space in lower-income neighborhoods which typically have access to less green space than do other parts of the community.

Charles Drew Community Garden Program Continues

Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. (CDHC) is excited to announce the planting of its 2014 Community Garden. The Health Center planted its first community garden in 2011. The CDHC community garden is maintained by Charles Drew employees and once harvested, the produce is used for CDHC Healthy Families and Cooking Matters Omaha classes.

CDHC’s Healthy Families classes are made possible through a collaboration between CDHC, Alegent Creighton Health and the local YMCA. These classes are available to families with a child ages 6-18 who have an increased body mass index (BMI).

CDHC also partners with Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) to present Cooking Matters Omaha. Cooking Matters Omaha classes provide attendees with valuable information about their health and nutrition as well as delicious recipes and healthy cooking tips. In addition to supporting the classes, the harvested vegetables are shared with CDHC patients as well as employees.

It is the goal of CDHC to add up to 12 additional gardens in 2014 allowing an opportunity to increase the number of classes and to further educate and engage the surrounding community to promote wellness and healthy eating to families the CDHC target area.

If you would like more information about the Charles Drew Health Center Healthy Families and Cooking Matters Classes, please contact Denise Schmitz, CDHC Dietician, at (402) 453-3553, ext. 2282.

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