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Message from the CEO

One of the key factors that distinguish a thriving community is its ability to deliver excellent medical care to every resident and community member in which it serves. If the character of a community is defined by many factors, how well it answers the health care needs of its population is surely one of the most important. Simply put, quality comprehensive health care is a right!

In 2020, community health centers across the country battled many uncertainties: Coronavirus (COVID-19), the future of health center funding, health insurance changes adversely impacting patients and increased socioeconomic barriers that influence individual’s health seeking behaviors. Through it all, Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. has been resilient and focused on what has guided the organization for over three decades – an unwavering commitment to community.

Together we have made substantial investments in the health and well-being of the community. Using our multi-disciplinary service delivery approach to individuals and families, we have made significant strides in improving quality, safety, patient care and family experience. We know the community is stronger when our children are healthy and ready to learn, alongside caretakers who are set up for success in the workplace and home.

In 2020, Charles Drew Health Center Inc. served 14,310 unique patients accounting for 38,042 patient visits. Through our Health Care for the Homeless and Public Housing Primary Care programs, 1,302 patients received medical, dental and behavioral health care, while across our system 97% of our patients were at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Patients 18 and younger represented nearly 23% of our patient population – many receiving care through our School-based Health Centers. Although 46% of our patients were uninsured, everyone received care regardless of their ability to pay.

Additionally, we conducted targeted screenings and preventive checkups for at-risk patients to allow for early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. We provided specialized care for those with ongoing conditions and chronic pain. We expanded our Pharmacy options to help provide low-cost medications for our patients and on-staff interpreters continued to provide interpretative services to our limited English-speaking patients. In short, we are continuing to break down any barriers that patients may experience while providing solutions to ensure that all patients receive the quality health care they deserve.

In the coming years, we will continue to develop new alignment opportunities with community partners and stakeholders to assist the organization in meeting the healthcare needs of the community. We hope these partnerships will usher in a new way of addressing social drivers of health, while providing a coordinated platform for positive community transformation.
I truly hope you enjoy reading the Report. We are passionate about our mission and look forward to the future with hope and optimism. On behalf of our Governing Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff – we say thank you. Rest assured, we will continue to work every day to meet and exceed your expectations.

Kenny McMorris, MPA, FACHE, CHCEF