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Our Community


Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. provides health care services for individuals and families living throughout the greater metro Omaha area.  The following information has been assembled according to 2010 U.S. Census data for Douglas County, Nebraska and the Charles Drew Health Center 2016 Bureau of Primary Health Care Uniform Data System report.

Douglas County population - 517,110 
13.1% of individuals residing in Douglas County live below the poverty level with a racial composition of:
African-American                                 11.6%
White                                                       71.9%
Hispanic                                                 11.2%
Asian                                                         2.7%
Native American                                     0.7%
Other                                                         1.9%

Target Area Profile:

Charles Drew Health Center, Inc (CDHC)  target area is the East/Northeast sector of Douglas County in Omaha, Nebraska with a target area of 46,428 residents.

The target area includes 18 census tracts designated as medically underserved and a health professional shortage area.  All but one of the census tracts in the target area is designated as “areas of racial and ethnic minority concentration.” 

Racial Composition of CDHC’s target area:
African-American                                     46.1%
White                                                           40.1%
Hispanic/Latino                                          9.8%
Asian                                                             2.4%
Native American                                         1.1%
Other                                                            0.5%

Our 2015 Patient Profile
The following Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. 2015 Patient Profile data are taken from the 2016 Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care Uniform Data System (UDS) Report:

Diagnoses and Services Rendered:
MEDICAL Patients Served
Asthma                                                          941
Diabetes                                                       722 
Hypertension                                                 1,745

DENTAL Patients Served
Oral Exams                                                 2,639 
Prophylaxis                                                    1,386
Fluoride Treatment                                      1,446

Depression and Other
   Mood Disorders                                     1,419
Anxiety Disorder                                           621
Other Mental Disorders                              772
(Patients may be diagnosed with multiple disorders. Numbers also excluding drug or alcohol dependence) 


Patient Characteristics
Number of Patients Served                  11,671
Annual Number of Patient Visits         38,528
Percentage of Patients Below
100% Poverty Level                                    89%
Patients best served in a language
other than English                                      15%
52% of CDHC patients reside in the following three zip codes 68104, 68110, 68111

Patients by Race/Ethnicity
African-American                                        43%
Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander              19%
Native American                                           1%
White                                                            29%
Hispanic                                                          5%
Other                                                               7%

Patients by Age
0-19 years of age                                         39%
20-64 years of age                                       56%
65+ years of age                                             5%