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Annual Immunization Time

Annual Immunization Time

There are a lot of great reasons to get your child in for immunisation shots.

Immunisation (or vaccination) is the use of vaccines to protect children against certain infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. The vaccines are given to children when they are young because these diseases can strike at an early age.

Some vaccines give rise to lifelong immunity upon completion of the full course (e.g. the Hepatitis B vaccine). Other vaccines have to be given again later in life to maintain your child’s immunity to the disease (e.g. diphtheria and tetanus). This top-up dose is called a booster.

Childhood immunisations are very important

If your child is not vaccinated against the diseases, he may not have immunity and the following can happen:

  • Your child can contract the diseases easily from another person.
  • Serious illnesses and even death may occur.
  • He will spread the diseases to others (children and adults too) who are not immune. This may result in an epidemic if too many people are infected.
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